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Huzzah for me!


Ok so my birthday was yesterday. Big deal. Had the family over, and that was cool and all. None of my net-buddies even cared to congratulate me, so that was kind of… a bummer… except Forcer that is. Even on a remote location, far away from computers and routers – he still managed to wap a lil salute to me. So, thanks for that mate, you know I appreciated it 🙂

Tomorrow I’m out shopping. See if I can find some new clothes and shoes…




Fancy the XML/RSS buttons in my navbar? Well now you can make your very own with ease! Kalsey Consulting made “Button Maker” for this very purpose, and you can try it out right here.
I will be working again tonight, so not much to say about that. MacSofa fired off with a 3-part Bluetooth marathon today, and we will be posting Bluetooth-releated material for the next couple of days. Remember to also drop by on Saturday to get the chance to pick up some goodies in our first ever giveaway. We were even mentioned on MacMinute, yay!


Shopping spree


I really like this t-shirt. Made by O’Reilly, and sold through ThinkGeek. Now the only problem with it, is that it has “” printed on the back. If you could have the URL for your own blog here instead, it would truly be a cool object. Since the shirt is basically just text, anyone could make a similar one with their own URL through CafePress really. So that might be something to think about 🙂

I also bought a couple more softwares…
Firstly Memory Usage Getter, which I wrote a bit about a few days ago. Second, I got the electronic version of the Ultralingua Norwegian-English dictionary. Yeah!


Yes, I admit it – I love shopping.
Today, I placed a few orders for new tech gadgets after getting a welcomed surprise last pay day.
First out is an amp. for my subwoofer – which has more or less been sitting in a corner doing nothing for the past few years. Have a look at it 🙂

Next are some goodies from the AppleStore. Firstly the EyeTV from ElGato. Now I can watch TV on my Mac, record my favorite shows – and it is bundled with the Keyspan Remote! I also placed an order for the Wacom Graphire2 so I can make some better drawings in the digital world. Yep, lots of money just gone now – but lets hope the new babies will provide many hours of fun 🙂


Just a note…


Slow day as usual. School was ok, and its all coming to an end for this year – there are both positive and negative sides of that, I suppose… Anyway, I just wanted to remind you all that my review of iNet Stream Archiver will be published tomorrow on MacSofa. I will be working (in the shop) a lot this weekend, and I hate it. But, of course that also means money in the pocket and my clothes are clean!


Matrix hits the silverscreens these days, but the StarWars phenomena will never die. I needed something to blog about today, and I found it. Supposedly, this has been the hot thing around IRC channels and web forums lately, but guess who missed out as usual… Nevertheless, here it is. So if you have yet to check out the guy who pretends to be a Jedi, do it now! Some people seem to think this is funny because the kid is fat, well I don’t. It’s fun because… it looks like something I could have done 🙂 So, for your viewing pleasure, here is: the StarWars Kid, and the StarWars Kid effects remix (supposedly done by some guy at Raven).

StarWars Kid
StarWars Kid Remix

In other news, not much new. Thanks goes out to Forcer for helping me with some CSS stuff for the website!


Not much is happening right now, so I thought I would post a bit about a couple apps I tried out recently.
The first is Memory Usage Getter, shown to the left. MUG will give you a brief, graphical overview of processes on your Mac. Think of it as “Process Viewer Pro” if you like. And best of all, order now and its only $5!
The second app is iNet Stream Archiver. A bit more expensive, at $15, this app allows you to save internet radio streams to your hard drive. What I like about this one such tool, is the power and ease of use. You can drag “channels” straight from iTunes, you can save several streams at the same time (provided you have the bandwidth), and it will automatically add ID3-tags and “cut up” the stream into separate files with informative file names. WHOA!

Lastly, I *did* see “From Russia With Love” this weekend, and I enjoyed it. There are several differences between the old and the new James Bond movies, but all in all, I personally think they have a lot in common too. For me, its hard to say “I like this one better than that one”, they are all good movies. So if you have yet to see one of the old Bond movies (with Sean Connery), I urge you to try one.

E3 is over, too. Much hype, as usual. Doom 3 looks to have nice graphics and all, and might even be a good game. The games that really got my attention though, was Halo (for the Mac/PC yes, it looks much better than on the Xbox), and finally Half-Life 2. There is a 500+ megabyte movie of HL2 available at FilePlanet now, so go check it out!


After months and months of using iChat, we all know the basics of the software. Many of us will most likely also know it inside-out. But, there are a few nifty things I want to share today. Some are open, while others are workarounds created by me and my friends 🙂

Firstly, links in iChat work very well. For the most part. If parts of your link show up as smileys in iChat, don’t worry. The link will still work when you click it. On the other hand, if your link includes a port number ( for instance), the link will not work. The workaround here is to select “Add Hyperlink” from the Edit menu (command-K), and then paste the link in.

Now, iChat is stupid in some ways – buggy in others. A very common problem is the fact that when you keep the application in the background, it will not signal you when you receive a message. For Forcer, this quickly became an annoyance (for me anyway – quit editing movies all the time Forcer!) – and “we” (dunno who of us), found a simple solution: send the user a file, any file, and then stop the transfer. This will bring up a error dialog for the other user, and this will get his/her attention.
Another problem that I experienced with Swedentom the other day, was that he could no longer receive messages from me. I could type and type, for ages, and all the text appeared on my side – but not on his. What to do? I could send him an email, or an SMS – but that would be the un-l33t way. Here is what I did: made a new empty text document on my desktop (could be any file really, but another bug with iChat is that it locks up if the file is too big. NEVER try sending a user your hard drive, I did), renamed the file “TOM – YOUR ICHAT BUGS – RESTART ICHAT”, sent it to him, and then again canceling the transfer. After a few seconds, we were up and running again. So you see now, why file transfer is one of the most important features of iChat.

Now, why there are still a whole bunch of (imho, rather serious) bugs in iChat, even after a few updates shortly after release, I do not know. Rumors say we will see video/voice chat in Panther, which I can say I cant wait to try. I would still like to see current bugs being fixed first though. Why does “chat” in french mean “cat” btw? Are they stupid or something?…


Today… I feel real tired. As part of the “Russ Celebration” we had a terror day today, and this is what happened: at about 10am, we left my school, drove to another school with younger students, and basically made a lot of mess. Imagine water guns, water balloons, eggs, milk, those cool cans of whipped cream, and of course, the classic: shaving foam. The “kids” didn’t really look too good after a few minutes, and neither did we to be honest – cos even though they’re not as old, they are many – and they have temper. Believe me. We managed to grab a few (like 6-7) of them, half-way dragged, half-way carried them to our cars, and driving them someplace and dumping them in a lake or something like that. Once we were done, we did two more schools. Some would visit another school, but I for one had got my dose for this time. Dunno what makes me so tired of all this, but my legs hurt and all. So I suppose I will take it easy tonight.

Carrying on with more terror – I bought a DVD yesterday, “From Russia With Love” from -63, with Sean Connery. I’ll give you my two centimeters worth once I’ve watched it. I also hope to catch X-Men 2 soon…

Tomorrow will be another tiresome day. My school will be celebrating its 25. anniversary, and so there will be some kind of BBQ party I hear. In the evening, there will be a large party for the Russ not far from here, as is tradition on the night to 17. May. Why 17. May? Because that is our national day (now is a good time to write that down!), so needless to say Saturday will also be a day filled with action. Or, more action than what is usual in my life anyway.

Sorry for not having written too much lately, but I have been quite busy, and there hasn’t really been happening too much either.


Welcome back!


Yes, I am back!

After days and days of trouble, I made the switch, something you might have noticed if you are a regular visitor (Forcer). My old host had a downtime of approx. 10% for the last week. I am now hosted by GetMeHosted, and I can absolutely recommend them. They have excellent support (replying to all mails within the hour), great web based administration and low prices. The speed could be better, but the uptime is decent anyhow 🙂 The web server is still Apache, but the OS has changed from FreeBSD to Linux. While moving, I decided to upgrade the blogging system while I were at it. Still maintained with the help of MovableType, but the database has changed from Berkeley DB to MySQL. This means, as you might notice, that all old posts are gone. I hope this isnt too much trouble for you all. I will not re-post the old posts, so if you have links to any of my articles, please remove those 🙂 And as always when big updates like these occur, it MIGHT be a smart thing to trash your browser cache – at least if things look messed up. Thats it for now, but I will post more later.



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