Welcome back!


Yes, I am back!

After days and days of trouble, I made the switch, something you might have noticed if you are a regular visitor (Forcer). My old host had a downtime of approx. 10% for the last week. I am now hosted by GetMeHosted, and I can absolutely recommend them. They have excellent support (replying to all mails within the hour), great web based administration and low prices. The speed could be better, but the uptime is decent anyhow 🙂 The web server is still Apache, but the OS has changed from FreeBSD to Linux. While moving, I decided to upgrade the blogging system while I were at it. Still maintained with the help of MovableType, but the database has changed from Berkeley DB to MySQL. This means, as you might notice, that all old posts are gone. I hope this isnt too much trouble for you all. I will not re-post the old posts, so if you have links to any of my articles, please remove those 🙂 And as always when big updates like these occur, it MIGHT be a smart thing to trash your browser cache – at least if things look messed up. Thats it for now, but I will post more later.


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    Weeeeeeeeeee 🙂

    Perhaps I can even stop doubleposting now 😀


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