Today… I feel real tired. As part of the “Russ Celebration” we had a terror day today, and this is what happened: at about 10am, we left my school, drove to another school with younger students, and basically made a lot of mess. Imagine water guns, water balloons, eggs, milk, those cool cans of whipped cream, and of course, the classic: shaving foam. The “kids” didn’t really look too good after a few minutes, and neither did we to be honest – cos even though they’re not as old, they are many – and they have temper. Believe me. We managed to grab a few (like 6-7) of them, half-way dragged, half-way carried them to our cars, and driving them someplace and dumping them in a lake or something like that. Once we were done, we did two more schools. Some would visit another school, but I for one had got my dose for this time. Dunno what makes me so tired of all this, but my legs hurt and all. So I suppose I will take it easy tonight.

Carrying on with more terror – I bought a DVD yesterday, “From Russia With Love” from -63, with Sean Connery. I’ll give you my two centimeters worth once I’ve watched it. I also hope to catch X-Men 2 soon…

Tomorrow will be another tiresome day. My school will be celebrating its 25. anniversary, and so there will be some kind of BBQ party I hear. In the evening, there will be a large party for the Russ not far from here, as is tradition on the night to 17. May. Why 17. May? Because that is our national day (now is a good time to write that down!), so needless to say Saturday will also be a day filled with action. Or, more action than what is usual in my life anyway.

Sorry for not having written too much lately, but I have been quite busy, and there hasn’t really been happening too much either.



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