Not much is happening right now, so I thought I would post a bit about a couple apps I tried out recently.
The first is Memory Usage Getter, shown to the left. MUG will give you a brief, graphical overview of processes on your Mac. Think of it as “Process Viewer Pro” if you like. And best of all, order now and its only $5!
The second app is iNet Stream Archiver. A bit more expensive, at $15, this app allows you to save internet radio streams to your hard drive. What I like about this one such tool, is the power and ease of use. You can drag “channels” straight from iTunes, you can save several streams at the same time (provided you have the bandwidth), and it will automatically add ID3-tags and “cut up” the stream into separate files with informative file names. WHOA!

Lastly, I *did* see “From Russia With Love” this weekend, and I enjoyed it. There are several differences between the old and the new James Bond movies, but all in all, I personally think they have a lot in common too. For me, its hard to say “I like this one better than that one”, they are all good movies. So if you have yet to see one of the old Bond movies (with Sean Connery), I urge you to try one.

E3 is over, too. Much hype, as usual. Doom 3 looks to have nice graphics and all, and might even be a good game. The games that really got my attention though, was Halo (for the Mac/PC yes, it looks much better than on the Xbox), and finally Half-Life 2. There is a 500+ megabyte movie of HL2 available at FilePlanet now, so go check it out!



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