Matrix hits the silverscreens these days, but the StarWars phenomena will never die. I needed something to blog about today, and I found it. Supposedly, this has been the hot thing around IRC channels and web forums lately, but guess who missed out as usual… Nevertheless, here it is. So if you have yet to check out the guy who pretends to be a Jedi, do it now! Some people seem to think this is funny because the kid is fat, well I don’t. It’s fun because… it looks like something I could have done 🙂 So, for your viewing pleasure, here is: the StarWars Kid, and the StarWars Kid effects remix (supposedly done by some guy at Raven).

StarWars Kid
StarWars Kid Remix

In other news, not much new. Thanks goes out to Forcer for helping me with some CSS stuff for the website!



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