Kids and God

Firstly, I would like some comments below on my new “feature”. When I started today, I was a bit like “maybe I should just scrap it” – but then after working a bit on it, I thought “maybe it isn’t so bad after all”. Although partly inspired by Panic and PerversionTracker – I hope it … Read moreKids and God


Ah yes, time has come for my new column – The Unexpected Reviews. Today I take a closer look at Mini-Muh by Cloetta Fazer. Its a soft little chunk of milk chocolate. Thin, with a strong and tasty, erhm, taste. It melts on your tongue, and it is guaranteed to color your spit, so watch … Read moreMini-Muh

Panther logo

So I woke up this morning, and I thought to myself: what will the Panther logo look like? Why would I be thinking about such a minor thing, when we have G5s waiting for us… well, I still wanted to know. Because logos are cool. My first thought was: Panther fur. Although I couldn’t really … Read morePanther logo

Status report

Caffeine means coding. The fact I’m neither attending MacHack, nor WWDC is not letting me down. Yesterday we released a servicepack for FjortisViewer, bringing new and updated plugins to the media viewer. Progress on the next release, 1.2, is also coming along nicely. I have also started work on a new project, codenamed “Camel” – … Read moreStatus report