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It is now 127 years since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. It only operated for 3 weeks, but it was the start of something big. In the mid 80s we got the cellphones. Today we have iChat AV.

I love sound and pictures, and iChat AV gives me both. Well, I thought about getting the new spiffy iSight webcam from Apple. Its smaller than the one I have, its FW, has stereo sound, and it will mount on my screen. The old USB cam can still be in a different location and keep working as a cam for this site. Then I also wonder about getting a still camera. Like I might have mentioned before, I’m moving this fall. Going to attend a boarding school for a year, and yes it would be nice to keep some memories. It’s not like you bring a camcorder everywhere you go. I know at least I won’t.

I doubt I will start a “mp3 of the week” column here, but just for this one day I will make an exception 🙂 Today I give you Robbie Williams – Love Somebody – oh, and it’s in AAC format too! And if you like it, you should go buy the CD instead of bugging me about giving it to you 😛

Oh, and norwegian Free Record Shop has a sale on DVDs now. Buy one DVD for 149,- or two for 269,-. There are currently 288 items to choose from, a total of over 38000,- for all 😀 Oh well, pick up a couple at least. Thats where I got mine.

Wondering what the image is? Its, a dev-logo for “Camel”, the codename for my current project. I hope to release a beta for you all once I have basic functionality working. It would be nice if I could release the final version by the end of this summer, but I have started to doubt it. Oh well. Work tomorrow, so I’ll see if I post something in the evening. As always, if there’s anything you want to see (more) of on the site, or suggestions for whatever – comment below 🙂 Even bugs with websites in Safari!


Kids and God


Firstly, I would like some comments below on my new “feature”. When I started today, I was a bit like “maybe I should just scrap it” – but then after working a bit on it, I thought “maybe it isn’t so bad after all”. Although partly inspired by Panic and PerversionTracker – I hope it has some original touches to it. Please let me know if you have suggestions for other suitable features.

Etan point out a NYTimes article and suggests that the Internet might be God to some people.

Also, some company seems to be making a e-mail client for kids – with RealBasic. I think the problem though is that this is not serving its purpose. It looks like any e-mail client, only with a bad UI design and a lot of color. The “friendly alert box” does not look all that friendly. It just looks ugly. I think the thing about software for children is that either it has to follow Apples GUI guidelines like any other software, or it has to be completely different, not using any standard UI elements. Colors are nice, but a button still needs to look like a button and so on, I think. You do not need to exaggerate either. Large buttons are ok, so they are easier to click on. But a larger warning sign is of no use – they are not visually-impaired either! This is just another example of a promising project gone awry. Completely out of focus. Sad.




Ah yes, time has come for my new column – The Unexpected Reviews. Today I take a closer look at Mini-Muh by Cloetta Fazer. Its a soft little chunk of milk chocolate. Thin, with a strong and tasty, erhm, taste. It melts on your tongue, and it is guaranteed to color your spit, so watch out! The fact it’s made in Sweden can make you safe that no cows were harmed in the making, and you can be safe from SARS and other animal diseases. As you can see by the wrapping, the chocolate comes from the male cow, also referred to as the bull (not to be mistaken with a bulldog). The cow (or bull) graze in the middle of the winter, when the thin ozon layer over sweden have brought summer to the lowlands while the mountains are still covered in snow. This might be a metaphor, the snow covered mountains might resemble milk coated chocolate. Oh well, to make sure the chocolate have no bits in it, the bulls (or cows) have been hypnotized to only eat the grass, thus leaving the nice flowers alone for the young girls to pick.

My only complaint about the Mini-Muh is that while it is indeed mini (only 15 grams!), the name does not match the powerful, fast, dreadful, macho bull on the paper. Oh well, guess its just a gimmick. Thumbs up for mentioning the word “cocoa” 3 times on the declaration. What makes me wonder though is: if it contain 25% cocoa and 25% milk – what on earth is the remaining 51%? The best before dates also always confuse me. In both norwegian and swedish it says “best before”, whilst in danish it says “lasting till and at” – bad translation, but to me it seems a bit less frantic. I really think that is racist.
Lastly, there are no fun puzzles for kids on the inside of the wrapping. Like “help the mini-muh finding the green grass by following the right line” or “find as many faults about the SARS-infected cow in the picture to the right as possible”.

Mini-Muh receives a perfect rating of somewhere around 96!


Fighting spam!


I know I mentioned this earlier (on iChat), but I would still like to point out this post on how to take major steps in fighting spam. Not only would you be able to track where your spam originates from, or who is giving out your details, but you could also edit some config files on your mail server to block future spam from the same person. Of course, most mail servers these days have SpamAssassin installed. Not my ISP though. That is, you can pay extra for a spam protection service from them. I have no idea if this is SpamAssassin or some other software. Well, I’m not gonna shell out additional $$ for that. I do evaluate moving my mail from my ISP to though. Problem is: my ISP usually have a dang good uptime and speed – my web host might not.

Anyway, I took some minor steps today to ensure email harvesting spambots would not fetch any more addresses from my pages. Using SpamStopper I encoded my email addresses at both and into a format that most spambots will simply ignore.


There are bugs even in the final version of Safari. Probably the most annoying thing is the fact there are bugs here that were not present in the previous betas. So to those of you who leaked the betas from the seeding program: THANKS A LOT – YOU SURE HELPED OUT THE COMMUNITY A LOT! Losers!

So, what bugs am i talking about. Well, the first and most obvious would the trouble with CSS. You might have noticed the background on this site will only display for the area that loads to begin with, meaning if you scroll the main frame, the background will turn grey. Drew Domkus has the heads-up. He also mentions issues with caching, something I have noticed myself. If you cannot see this post, then its a good idea to hit “Refresh” 😛

Tomorrow we’re off to the racetrack (go-karting), hopefully…

I just need to go sleep now, its 30 degrees C in here – and I’m trying to stay cool with my fan and some ice-tea. No lucky though. NEED to get a air conditioner. No other exciting things planned for the weekend, but I hope to get some coding done maybe.


I wish I was a bowler, I was I were a girl…
Hmm ok, so I got the lyrics a bit wrong there. And don’t get me wrong, I’m ok with being a boy. Today though, I were out shopping, with my sister – and me not being a huge fan of shopping clothes, I ended up looking over a bunch of female clothes. It hit me: why is there so much nice girls clothes? But nothing for men? I suppose some girls could say the same (the opposite), but that’s just my perspective. Comment below 🙂

So I bough a couple new movies (bringing my dvd collection up to a whopping 3 movies! – yes, I tripled my collection today hehe). Braindead (comedy-horror from 1992, directed by the man behind Lord of the Rings!) and Livvaktene (The Lifeguards), a swedish action-thriller. Might give you some more info and opinions once I’ve watched them.

I also now got a serial for my webcam software, EvoCam, so don’t expect that feature to go away any time soon! I will be reviewing the software for MacSofa in the week ahead, I hope. Speaking of which, MediaTemple (our host) messed up big time, and we will be moving hosts in the coming days. The one host I would previously recommend for anyone serious about hosting, is now completely gone from my list of “top ten web hosts”. GetMeHosted has still served me well 🙂


If you like me, enjoy shopping, you will often find yourself on a tight budget. Well, I’m the kinda person who enjoy finding my own solutions for things, and if I can make something myself the same quality as something I could’ve bough, I make it. You no doubt saw the stand for my webcam, and this time I am back with a l33t cellphone charging cable “dock” – ok, so it’s really just a screw with a hole in it (but not a completed hole, think of it as a doughnut which someone have taken a bit of – no idea what you call these screws in english). Anyway, it works, and it keep my cable where I want it (at my desk) when the phone is not plugged in, so I no longer have to bend over and search my floor for it.

Seeing as how the WWDC is now miles away, I won’t give a rundown on the news or anything. All in all, I were very happy with the new announcements though. The G5 looks sweet, and as soon (or late) as it hits the PowerBooks, I’ll be sure to get one. iChat AV is also going to be the next big thing, I am sure.

I also bought the stuff I needed for my new feature today, but I’m working (and shopping afterwards) tomorrow, and well… we’ll just have to see when it will be published 🙂

Lastly, a mail from VersionTracker just ticked in. Well, as some of you know, I am a “Plus” member (not Pro, but I get to surf the site ad-free). So about a week ago I got a mail from them stating:
“Your VersionTracker Plus subscription will expire in 10 days. Renew today!

You can renew your VersionTracker Plus subscription for only $24.95, or
upgrade to VersionTracker Pro for $49.95.”

I logged in to the site, only to find that my subscription would last for 365 days from the day I chose to renew, not from the day my current subscription ended. So I thought, heck, I’ll wait instead. Well, look what they offered my today:
“Your VersionTracker Plus subscription will expire on 2003-06-29.

Renew today! As a charter member, you can renew your VersionTracker
Plus subscription for only $19.95 ($5 off) or upgrade to VersionTracker
Pro for $44.95 ($5 off).”

Moral of the day: it’s never too late 🙂


Panther logo


So I woke up this morning, and I thought to myself: what will the Panther logo look like?

Why would I be thinking about such a minor thing, when we have G5s waiting for us… well, I still wanted to know. Because logos are cool. My first thought was: Panther fur. Although I couldn’t really picture a Panther fur X. It would be very similar to the Jaguar one, only slightly more yellow. Then it hit me though, there are two kind of Panthers. The other one being the black one. Could this be it? A black X? Representing something powerful, stylish, sophisticated, and maybe… just maybe, a bit mystic?

It being a blue X would never happen. That would be taking a step back, in several ways. The most obvious being that blue = Aqua – and OS X has never been more Aqua-less than with Panther. So, could it be brushed metal then maybe? Maybe, but then would it look more “industrial”? More like OS X Server? We’ll have to wait and see… only a few hours left now.




Slow day as usual. Tomorrow is WWDC and party, yippee! Oh well, at least I posted my work schedule for this summer on my iDisk today. View it online, or subscribe to it.


Status report


Caffeine means coding. The fact I’m neither attending MacHack, nor WWDC is not letting me down. Yesterday we released a servicepack for FjortisViewer, bringing new and updated plugins to the media viewer. Progress on the next release, 1.2, is also coming along nicely. I have also started work on a new project, codenamed “Camel” – I hope to have a early build ready soon for testing.

Yesterday I posted two new articles over at MacSofa. A review of Speed Download 2, and a opinion on the state of rumors and Apple, entitled “Do rumors hurt Apple?”. Give them a read if you like 🙂

Monday is WWDC day of course. I have the day off from work, and I expect to follow the web closely all day. Hopefully NBC or some other channel will provide a shabby WMP streaming, live. If not, Apple will have the webcast ready later in the day (most likely in the middle of the night here). New PowerMacs are all good, but I think Panther will be the real big thing for me at least. It’ll be exciting to see what new features it has to offer for developers, opening new areas for development. I’ll start up a new lil feature here soon. Let’s say Monday shall we? All I can say is it will be a returning feature (like “joke of the day” or “quote of the day” – although it will not be a daily feature).



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