No this is not Avril, its Katie of course. My current desktop. The thing about it is it has the words “a model beyond limits” written on it. I think the same can be said about this site, “a site beyond limits” 🙂

As you might have seen, I made some changes today. First is the addition of a favicon. Mine have yet to load in Safari, and I haven’t cared to flush the caches. Works in Camino though, so I suppose all is ok. Comment below if you have information to shed light on the subject. Next up is the removal of “posted by xGrape” at the bottom of every post. Kinda pointless, who else could it be? 😀 Lastly I added a new dock image at the bottom, as well as moving the search from the dock to the sidebar – where I also removed the “powered by” badges. All the small things indeed.

Also still on schedule for release is FjortisViewer 1.2. Please comment below if you have feature suggestions for this, probably last, update. Thanks!



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