Tabs on Things


Watched some of the new Apple ads yesterday. For some reason, when I saw the one with the little boy doing Eminem (now removed), it reminded me of an old classic I had laying around. Coincidentally, it’s a perfect match! Have a peek!

Got a phone from Linjegods this morning, they are the ones who will be handling my shipment from Apple down here. So, rest assured, my EyeTV, Wacom and DVD-Rs should be here tomorrow evening. Can’t wait! I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve tried it out. I also think about having my currently playing iTunes song displaying somewhere on this page. It takes a bit of setup, so I doubt I will implement it today. We shall see…

Just for fun, this is inserted directly from Kung-Log:
Australia (extended) by Koala


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  1. 1 Forcer

    Du… m… D!

    [for the ones that don’t know norwegian, that was a not-so-nice-comment]

    Ok, lemme take this, cause I have a feeling that it will not be removed. I recorded that about two years ago while being a total Linkin Park fan. I’m singing to the songs “A place for my head” and “One step closer” (if you look at my mouth, you can at least see that I’m NOT singing to Spice Girls at least)

    The video was recorded for fun, and uploaded to a private server. But abuse [this] was done, and .. well. Yea.

    (I think the reason I’m kinda pissed about it is just cause I don’t like that people think that I like spice girls 🙂


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