A surfaced image claiming to be of the upcoming PowerMac revision (PPC 970?) at WWDC, has been the latest buzz at all major rumors sites today. To me it looks far from real, and dare I say butt-ugly. What do you think? Is this the real thing? And does it look like a Apple product?

One thing is for sure – I can’t wait till next Monday. Even though it looks as if the keynote will not be webcast (at least not live), I will follow the websites. We could always hope MacRumors will have a rep. at one of the streaming Apple Retail Stores to report live on IRC.

Also, on the gaming side – Neverwinter Nights Tech Demo was released today. Head over to MacGameFiles for the file. Hmm, I want more excitement in my life. Oh well, sometime next week – I expect to go go-carting with my brother-in-law. Yep.


One Response to “Is this the new G5?”  

  1. 1 Forcer

    I’ll say it this way..

    If that’s an Apple product, I’ll be really really disappointed.


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