Status report

Caffeine means coding. The fact I’m neither attending MacHack, nor WWDC is not letting me down. Yesterday we released a servicepack for FjortisViewer, bringing new and updated plugins to the media viewer. Progress on the next release, 1.2, is also coming along nicely. I have also started work on a new project, codenamed “Camel” – I hope to have a early build ready soon for testing.

Yesterday I posted two new articles over at MacSofa. A review of Speed Download 2, and a opinion on the state of rumors and Apple, entitled “Do rumors hurt Apple?”. Give them a read if you like πŸ™‚

Monday is WWDC day of course. I have the day off from work, and I expect to follow the web closely all day. Hopefully NBC or some other channel will provide a shabby WMP streaming, live. If not, Apple will have the webcast ready later in the day (most likely in the middle of the night here). New PowerMacs are all good, but I think Panther will be the real big thing for me at least. It’ll be exciting to see what new features it has to offer for developers, opening new areas for development. I’ll start up a new lil feature here soon. Let’s say Monday shall we? All I can say is it will be a returning feature (like “joke of the day” or “quote of the day” – although it will not be a daily feature).

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  1. “Yesterday we released a servicepack for FjortisViewer”

    Service pack? Gee, you make it sound like a Microsoft product. πŸ˜‰

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