If you like me, enjoy shopping, you will often find yourself on a tight budget. Well, I’m the kinda person who enjoy finding my own solutions for things, and if I can make something myself the same quality as something I could’ve bough, I make it. You no doubt saw the stand for my webcam, and this time I am back with a l33t cellphone charging cable “dock” – ok, so it’s really just a screw with a hole in it (but not a completed hole, think of it as a doughnut which someone have taken a bit of – no idea what you call these screws in english). Anyway, it works, and it keep my cable where I want it (at my desk) when the phone is not plugged in, so I no longer have to bend over and search my floor for it.

Seeing as how the WWDC is now miles away, I won’t give a rundown on the news or anything. All in all, I were very happy with the new announcements though. The G5 looks sweet, and as soon (or late) as it hits the PowerBooks, I’ll be sure to get one. iChat AV is also going to be the next big thing, I am sure.

I also bought the stuff I needed for my new feature today, but I’m working (and shopping afterwards) tomorrow, and well… we’ll just have to see when it will be published 🙂

Lastly, a mail from VersionTracker just ticked in. Well, as some of you know, I am a “Plus” member (not Pro, but I get to surf the site ad-free). So about a week ago I got a mail from them stating:
“Your VersionTracker Plus subscription will expire in 10 days. Renew today!

You can renew your VersionTracker Plus subscription for only $24.95, or
upgrade to VersionTracker Pro for $49.95.”

I logged in to the site, only to find that my subscription would last for 365 days from the day I chose to renew, not from the day my current subscription ended. So I thought, heck, I’ll wait instead. Well, look what they offered my today:
“Your VersionTracker Plus subscription will expire on 2003-06-29.

Renew today! As a charter member, you can renew your VersionTracker
Plus subscription for only $19.95 ($5 off) or upgrade to VersionTracker
Pro for $44.95 ($5 off).”

Moral of the day: it’s never too late 🙂



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