Fighting spam!


I know I mentioned this earlier (on iChat), but I would still like to point out this post on how to take major steps in fighting spam. Not only would you be able to track where your spam originates from, or who is giving out your details, but you could also edit some config files on your mail server to block future spam from the same person. Of course, most mail servers these days have SpamAssassin installed. Not my ISP though. That is, you can pay extra for a spam protection service from them. I have no idea if this is SpamAssassin or some other software. Well, I’m not gonna shell out additional $$ for that. I do evaluate moving my mail from my ISP to though. Problem is: my ISP usually have a dang good uptime and speed – my web host might not.

Anyway, I took some minor steps today to ensure email harvesting spambots would not fetch any more addresses from my pages. Using SpamStopper I encoded my email addresses at both and into a format that most spambots will simply ignore.



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