There are bugs even in the final version of Safari. Probably the most annoying thing is the fact there are bugs here that were not present in the previous betas. So to those of you who leaked the betas from the seeding program: THANKS A LOT – YOU SURE HELPED OUT THE COMMUNITY A LOT! Losers!

So, what bugs am i talking about. Well, the first and most obvious would the trouble with CSS. You might have noticed the background on this site will only display for the area that loads to begin with, meaning if you scroll the main frame, the background will turn grey. Drew Domkus has the heads-up. He also mentions issues with caching, something I have noticed myself. If you cannot see this post, then its a good idea to hit “Refresh” 😛

Tomorrow we’re off to the racetrack (go-karting), hopefully…

I just need to go sleep now, its 30 degrees C in here – and I’m trying to stay cool with my fan and some ice-tea. No lucky though. NEED to get a air conditioner. No other exciting things planned for the weekend, but I hope to get some coding done maybe.



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