Kids and God


Firstly, I would like some comments below on my new “feature”. When I started today, I was a bit like “maybe I should just scrap it” – but then after working a bit on it, I thought “maybe it isn’t so bad after all”. Although partly inspired by Panic and PerversionTracker – I hope it has some original touches to it. Please let me know if you have suggestions for other suitable features.

Etan point out a NYTimes article and suggests that the Internet might be God to some people.

Also, some company seems to be making a e-mail client for kids – with RealBasic. I think the problem though is that this is not serving its purpose. It looks like any e-mail client, only with a bad UI design and a lot of color. The “friendly alert box” does not look all that friendly. It just looks ugly. I think the thing about software for children is that either it has to follow Apples GUI guidelines like any other software, or it has to be completely different, not using any standard UI elements. Colors are nice, but a button still needs to look like a button and so on, I think. You do not need to exaggerate either. Large buttons are ok, so they are easier to click on. But a larger warning sign is of no use – they are not visually-impaired either! This is just another example of a promising project gone awry. Completely out of focus. Sad.



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