Work that body!


Work, work and more work. Having an extra shift tomorrow, bringing my work schedule up to 5 days in row. Oh well, that means money. I ordered a iSight today. And a Canon IXUS 400. For some weird reason, the camera is called PowerShot S400 in the US. Hope they work fine 🙂

Yes the poll here sucks. There is still too little space for it, and its bugging. And I’m thinking about installing a new php-based thing here soon 🙂 Right now though I will go to sleep and let my Mac finish the ripping of James Bond: From Russia With Love. Think I’m gonna boast the RSS feeds availability too, as per a request from Forcer (ranting about old Amiga MOD files, yeehaw). Oh, and add a link to the iCals 🙂



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