So Dave asks his readership to report bugs with Safari. Then that’s what we do.

An amazing lot of bugs and rendering errors have been fixed since the early betas, for instance Safari now fully works with FilePlanet. The GM of Safari did however introduce a few problems too, most notable for this site is the cutting of background images beyond the initial visible area. Happiness arose when I today saw the bug was fixed. Some problems still persist however. – this is a norwegian website used for reporting the current condition for the electric meter in your house to the power supplier. Website loads (and works) all fine in Explorer – but in Safari the main page doesn’t load at all. All I get is a blank page! No idea what amount of custom work is done here, but the bug probably affect other sites too.
Mamut-based webshops – this is the webshop for Mamut is a e-commerce-system that will allow smaller businesses to get a webshop up and running in no time, and as if the fact you need special (PC-only) software to administrate the system, the pages do not render well on a Mac either. How much of this is related to bad code in Safari, and how much is represented by bad code in the Mamut system, I don’t know, but some parts work better in Explorer anyway. For instance, the different categories will collapse/expand as you click them, whilst in Safari they are all expanded by default (and you cannot collapse them).

That’s about what I have for now. Not a whole lot, but I suppose that is just positive?


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  1. 1 Tom

    The problem with LOS seems to be this:

    0 rows? No wonder it doesn’t work! 🙂
    Changing it to 1 fixes this.

  2. 2 Tom

    Gah. Evil Movable Type removed the HTML! :O
    Here it is again:

  3. 3 Tom

    I hate spamming your blog, but here it is once more.
    frameset rows=”0″ cols=”185,*”


    No such file or directory