Not quite sure how I got this idea today, but I did. I believe it would make excellent playing cards, and whoever created them would make a lot of money. Well, some anyway, maybe.

Like many of you are already aware, I cut my hair yesterday – very much shorter. Me like. A bit nazi yes, but its for the better. I also finally hooked my Mac up to the stereo, away with the peppy Apple Pro Speakers. Now we just wait for my new amp to arrive. With little luck, my Canon camera will ship tomorrow – so if all goes according to plan, my new photoblog will open next week. Speaking of which, I just finished the design for the photoblog today. No teaser though – you will all have to wait 😛

Did quite some progress on Camel yesterday, it now actually runs! Oh well, still quite some work left for a release. Hopefully a alpha will be out sooner rather than later. I have the day off from work tomorrow and the weekend, so we shall see what I get done…



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