I have had repeated problems with my OSX install for some time. Friday it topped, with applications quitting all the time and basically nothing worked. So I did an archive and install on Saturday, preserving my user folder and then trying to move over the remaining items in my System folder. That didn’t turn out too well so today I did a new archive and install, still preserving my users folder, but re-installing the software that placed items in the lower-level folders. This included any drivers for peripherals and all the haxies. Once it was all installed I kept a lot of the old problems, although it seems a tad bit better. Oh well, I guess I have to live with these till I format the drive when Panther ships. My current problems include: setting English as default language every startup in all possible ways (keyboard layout, date, time…), finder not launching properly on startup (meaning it appears, but the dock icon will not have a triangle below it, so you can not “switch” to the Finder), force-quitting it solves the problem. Lastly, keyboard shortcuts will not work in sheets. Command-D for “Don’t save” for instance, or Command-D for “Desktop” when in open/save dialogs.

These are all things I can live with, but a new problem arose today. Whenever I try to open an application that exist both on my Jaguar volume and my Panther volume (TextEdit, Installer have been confirmed at least, but not Disk Copy), the Panther version will be used, and it will instantly quit. So now I need to keep TextEdit and Installer in the dock and drag&drop all files to them. Darn.

I were also out on the sea today, and of course I forgot to use enough sunblock. My feet are very red, and they hurt. I knew I should’ve stayed inside 😉

Tomorrow’s work again, but we _do_ plan on releasing FjortisViewer 1.2 this coming Tuesday. Weee. There is a ton of bug fixes that have been made in the last couple days thanks to Tomas and Oscar, and we even got a handful of new features in that I _know_ you will enjoy! All previous testers (and specially interested – you know who you are) will get a mail with the full details once it’s public.



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