More movies…


So there are a lot of movies I have wanted to go see lately, including Finding Nemo, The Hulk and Terminator 3. I joined my sister and brother-in-law today on their way to the mall however, and at the exact same place I bought my last two movies, I picked up 6 more! I guess I didn’t really think about the price till a few minutes after it was done. Now I kinda regret it, because it was a lot of money, and I have been spending an awful lot lately in general. But I suppose I got a couple good movies after all, and hopefully I’ll appreciate them all at some point. The 6 movies (listed by price, most expensive first) were: Lilja 4-Ever, Forrest Gump, Detektor, Scream 3, House on Haunted Hill, Virus. Comment below if you have seen any of them – but please no spoilers 🙂



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