Work is taking too much time this week, so updates are, and will be, sparse. Let’s hope it will lead to something good anyway (in addition to the money I mean).

Thanks to Tom for pointing out “The ECCelvis – All Your Base Are Belong To Us” 😀

Will integrate the photoblog with the rest of the site a bit tighter in the time ahead. Also, I *know* the webcam is offline… after reinstalling the OS 3 times a week or so ago, I’ve had nothing but more problems. When the camera is “online” (iChat or EvoCam), I get no sound-out through my iMic, and if my sound is “online” (iTunes is open for instance), my camera will not be available for iChat and/or EvoCam. I have to choose, and I choose sound. My iSight shipped today, so maybe it’ll be better once I get it. Or maybe I’ll find a solution once I have the *time* to debug.

Update: as commented by Tom, all the All Your Base remixes are found here. My personal favorites are Elvis, Beatles and Nirvana. Hysterical stuff. I also removed the direct link, visit their site instead and grab YOUR favorite!



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