After many months of silence, many weeks of hard work and testing, and a couple weeks with unexpected delays – it’s finally here. Our main goal when we started out on 1.2 was to bring you the “wireless edition”, meaning it could be remote controlled. However mediocre solutions from Keyspan as regards their Digital Media Remote quickly put and end to those plans. We did get full support for the SonyEricsson line of cellphones though, via the excellent Salling Clicker.

The new features are:
– Support for Salling Clicker for remote controlling
– Full history, for browsing back and forward in downloaded images
– FastSwitching between plug-ins – change plug-in with a keypress
– Vastly improved error handling when a server is not responding or other download problems arise
– Many, many minor and major bugfixes in areas such as history, fullscreen mode, keyboard control, interface, and more

Some of the keyboard shortcuts not listed in the ReadMe include: left/rightarrow for back/forward in history and command+up/downarrow for next/previous plug-in.

As always, a big thank-you to all of the testers for version 1.0, Tomas for putting a lot of time into the coding, Oscar for testing, the fans (you know who you are) and myself.

So go download.



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