So while I tinkered with my site today (ooo, new webcam stuff people – look!), my brother-in-law called me up (from his cellphone). So he were in town, and were going to see The Hulk, and he asked if I would join him. Obviously I did. Going out and doing something social rocks, and since it’s not something that happens everyday, I had to grab the chance. So 30 min. later I were there. Then it turns out that the two of us are the only ones who ordered tickets (you know, its not the latest movie…). So, there we were, and we got the entire hall for ourselves. It wasn’t really a big one though. 5 rows and 60 seats in total (yes I counted them). One screen, and probably just 2 speakers behind it. No surround here nah.

The movie was pretty good. I haven’t read any of the comics, so I can’t tell how true it was to the books, but people say its good. The cutting also made it feel a bit more like a comic, which was cool. Yeah, I like superheros, I think. Hope to catch Terminator 3 next week (premier this Friday).

I would have taken a picture of the movie hall, and thousands of other things on my way back to the car (city by night is really cool ya know) – but as always, the one time when you most need your camera… is the one time you leave it at home. Well, more forgot it this time really. I were in a rush…


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    I can’t wait to see the hulk.. I wonder why I haven’t already, really..


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