So this is what Canon’s Remote Capture software looks like. Bad? Well yes, but I am impressed they chose to port it to the Mac at all – I mean, it must be targeted at a very niche market? So ok, it doesn’t look too good, but it works. What it does is it allows you to control your Canon camera from your Mac. Snap images, schedule it, zoom, whatever. Kinda cool really.

So this made me think… with a camera like mine. With optics like this. Wow what a great webcam that would make. Best quality on the block for sure! Battery life isn’t too good on the camera, and you need to remove it and put it in this fancy docking station to recharge, but still – what an awesome webcam! It sure wouldn’t be too hard. I could use the schedule feature, save image to drive, and make something upload it at a given interval. Or I could write a AppleScript-thingie to do it all. Alternatively, if the code for communicating with the camera was sorta open, it could be integrated into any webcam software. Whatcha think? Guess iSight does it for now…


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  1. 1 Forcer

    It does sound cool.. does it work with any (newer) Canon cam?

    And is it free?
    (too lazy to check)


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