I’ll Be Back


This fancy collage brought to you in part by xGrape. So I did catch Terminator 3 today. We were maybe like 15 people watching it today. I mean, it’s been 5 days since the premier (over here), but still? Oh well, at least we got the bigger hall today. With surround! (seen in the picture)

I thought it was a pretty good movie actually. The story was well laid out. Fit with the previous movies, and didn’t leave any “loose ends”. Not to mention that Norwegian Kristanna Loken is playing “the other terminator”. While this does bring a certain Charlies Angels / Tomb Raider feeling to the movie, old Arnold is still the one making it all worthwhile. Funny thing is, he looks exactly the same today as he did in the first movie, which premiered in 1984… oh what a great year that was 🙂

Camel was originally scheduled for release today, but as usual some last-minute bugs cropped up. So stay tuned. Oh and yeah, one week till I’m leaving for the new school… time to prepare myself for a year with Windows!



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