The last couple of days have been far from pleasant. It all started friday night (night from thursday to friday) when I woke up and felt a major pain in my right ear. I couldn’t fall asleep until I took a painkiller (Paracet – suppose that’s what it’s called world-wide). Friday morning I felt about the same, but the pain wasn’t as strong. Suppose it hurt more when I touched the ear, which was the case when I slept on it. I kept taking a few painkillers though, and knowing for sure something was wrong. Also during Friday, it was as if my right ear got more and more clogged. I could barely hear on that ear. So today I finally got to the emergency. After two and a half hour wait, which mind you is quite a lot, I finally got to see the doctor. He stated I had got a auditory canal infection. Tomorrow I’ll be picking up some “eardrops” with a bit of antibiotics and stuff that will hopefully cure it in the matter of a few days. The doc said it wasn’t severe, which is a good thing, I guess. Hmm, and yeah, he also said I had a lot of earwax, so I’m gonna have to go see a local doctor some time and get my ears flushed.

I hope you enjoyed this personal rant – inspiration courtesy of Forcer. Since I already mentioned his name, I might as well mention a very interesting post he made about bananas. No really. I know the same thing has happened to me a lot recently too. For instance, you go out to eat somewhere, and you discover there is something in your food you THINK you don’t like – so you settle for trying it anyway. And then you like it. Kinda l33t 😛

Take note that Forcer even posted this from his cellphone, using a system he developed himself. Now I know for sure that I ain’t that good, but today I got to manage my blog using Wapblogger.


1) browse over to

2) log in, using your MT username and password

3) you will be asked to select Blogger or Live Journal; choose one, it doesn’t matter which

4) find the “extended login” link on the next page and go there; overwrite either the blogger or LJ server URL with (obviously changing the URL for your setup)

5) you should then get to your list of blogs and take it from there.

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Why is this a big deal for me? Well, you all know by now that I will be moving this coming Wednesday, and that means a boarding school with Windows PCs and much social life (what’s that?) for the coming year. I did find two promising desktop applications for the PC, both freeware in fact, and I expect to try them both and settle for one. However, when I’m on the run, it is nice to have the ability to keep you updated via WAP. Even cooler if I got a camera for my phone and could post images completely away from a computer.

Lastly, Swedentom made a complete overhaul on his blog, changing from a home made system to MT, and he even admits stealing Dave Hyatts Surfin’ Safari design!!



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