Although I haven’t gotten around to grabbing a cam for my cellphone yet (just looking), it hit me today: I can blog via my phone – so why can’t I also FTP?

As pointed out a bit earlier, I use Wapblogger, which is WAP-site where you login with your MT username/pass and a complete URL for your blog-file. You can then post new posts, or edit existing ones.

Wouldn’t it also be possible to make a WAP-based FTP client? I mean in the form of a page where you login. Since I can’t install 3rd party software on my T68i, this would be the only choice. Anyone know of such a service?

I would post a post here now and try to include an image (already uploaded from my Mac) from my phone, but Wapblogger didn’t want to play right now. Maybe later…

Also all T68i-owners, SonyEricsson released a new firmware not too long ago. Reports indicate among other things: faster typing/handling of SMS, extended support for Bluetooth handsfree (and perhaps Bluetooth support in general?) – and, get this: 4 NEW GAMES! That’s right. Tennis (with 2-player) and Arkanoid among others. The games only seem to be part of the update for certain countries though. All of Scandinavia included. I will be taking mine to a authorized repair center for the upgrade soon, I hope. I’ll report back then. Remember: updates are free as long as the phone is within warranty (1 year).

Only one day left till I’m leaving for my new home…


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  1. 1 Forcer

    Woah, really cool with new firmware. Too bad the phone I have was bought over a year ago. Perhaps I can get it upgraded cheaply anyway? I’ll check it out..

    As for WAP FTP, it shouldn’t be hard to make such an application in PHP, really. But I don’t see the big point.. please enlighten me?


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