Snap with us


Don’t think I’ve mentioned Steven Franks excellent Snap Club here yet. For those who haven’t been there, a brief description: “Snap Club is an informal site for swapping candid photographs of everyday things. Finally, a use for your digital camera.”

So I signed up, and you can view my current images here. No matter what resolution you upload, the posted images will be 320×240. Understandable, really. Bandwidth costs.

So is this the end of my very own photoblog? Not at all! I still have full control when it’s my own, something you don’t get at Snap Club. I will keep using my photoblog, with its full-size images, as my main repository, however a new shot will arrive at Snap Club too, every now and then. So, if you want to stay fully up-to-date – you will need to check both places. Will add a quicklink a bit later.

Snap Club Phone Cam Edition also recently launched. I just submitted a picture, but it has yet to arrive, as of this writing. It is only in it’s early stages anyway. But, seeing as how I might grab a cam for my cellphone later, this is the ultimate way to get it online the very moment it’s taken – even if I’m miles away from a computer. Speaking of cellphones and cameras, have a look at this complete comparison of every major camera-phone (and phone-camera) on the market today – updated whenever new solutions are released. (hit the “Vis alle bilder”-button at the bottom of the page)



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