Not really, but now Im here. Away. Gone. At this new home of mine, a boarding school some 3-4 hours drive from home.

Technology first:
We have 4 computers hooked up to the net, all through a shared 64k ISDN connection. Then for my own class, which is Media, we have 6 more computers, not hooked up to the net. 4 of then are for Photoshop/Pagemaker, and the two others can also be used for video edition (woohoo!). Yeah, they dont have Macs – so the ones for video edition are “special editions”, kinda.

I ordered a camera for my T68i today, so hopefully Ill be able to upload images to the net from there. We are not allowed to install any software on the computers, and since I dont believe Win2000 supports my Canon camera plug&play, that means Ill have to pull out the MemoryCard and use a external card reader. But, since the only computer with such a reader is not connected to the net, nor in a LAN with one that is, that means Ill need to put the file(s) on floppy, and then bring them to one of the 4 net-computers. Floppies yes. Sad things. I didnt bring one, so once I get home Ill dig up a couple. I could resize and save for web first of course, saving space and all – plus I dont think the net-computers have Photoshop anyway.

So, as you might realize, blogging will be sparse in the time ahead. Ill see if I can post once a week maybe, and hopefully some images – either from the cellphone or from my Canon. Please keep me updated on your lives through commenting or trackbacking, and as always, you can reach me at xgrape at mac dot com. Im checking email about once a day. However, since I use a webbased reader (with no spam-filtering-stuff), please avoid non-informative subjects – those might be deleted rather fast.

Thats about it for now, Ill be back home for a couple days in the weekend 2.5 weeks from now (coming home Friday night, and leaving Sunday afternoon).

Take care yall – dang, need to find the apostrophe on this keyboard (and a spell checker).


3 Responses to “When Tears Do Us Apart”  

  1. 1 Anonymous

    “We are not allowed to install any software on the computers.”

    Allowed? Install Linux and rock on, baby!

  2. 2 Dan C

    Hope it’s going well – It must be hell having to put up with those shitty windows machines…

  3. 3 Eivind


    Sounds more like “Hell” 😛

    But seriously, it sounds kinda sucky, but try to see the positive sides of it. And make some kick-ass stuff and post it here =)


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