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Called The AppleStore today. My order is shipping this week, and I’ll have to live with 4-7 days for shipment. Working days? Maybe…

So anyway, what I really wanted to do, was changing my order from 60 to 80 GB harddrive. Well, that was impossible – not because my order was fulfilled, but because they had billed my credit card. I know this has been mentioned before in about a dozen other blogs, but: aren’t the card supposed to be billed AFTER the order has shipped? Too bad for Apple then, they could’of earned a couple extra bucks. HAHA!

Now let’s just hope it’ll be here next week, or I’ll have to take a weekend off from school at a later point, only to get home and pick it up.




Was in Oslo with my class last week, from Wednesday to Friday. Brief breakdown?

Wednesday, I met up with Forcer, a guy whom I’ve previously only talked to online. This was my first IRL meeting with a net buddy, so it was a new experience. Luckily, it was great! I have talked to Forcer for several years now online, and hoping I knew him well, it turned out the way I was hoping. We just walked around, visiting every dang shopping centre in town (or so it seemed). The nice thing was it all felt like he was just as much a friend as my “regular” friends. Read more in Forcers weblog!

Thursday and Friday we visited: P4 (radio channel), Statens Filmtilsyn (people who decide what age limit to give on movies, and eventual censoring), and lastly TV2 (tv channel). At TV2, we got to get behind the scenes on a morning show, as well as watching the recording of two additional shows. The latter being “Senkveld med Thomas og Harald”, which ended late Friday night.

I tried updating the photoblog, but Explorer didn’t want to play with me. Regardless, check by my section at SnapClub for a few new images, and I’ll hand you the rest once I get home in a weeks time.

Following are a few images from “Senkveld”.

The large hall with doors to the different studios. We are now in Nydalen, Oslo.

The scene where Thomas and Harald would be doing their thing.

Lastly, a panorama of the girl serving free coke and beer prior to the show.


xgrape_penstue.jpgThat’s not always easy. One thing is writing this blog, where no one will ever know for how long I thought about a word – before writing it. It’s a whole other thing when speaking with a person live – be that in real life, or on the phone.

Apple released new PowerBooks today, and only a couple hours after the announcement, I called the AppleStore and placed my order. A 12″ PowerBook with Combo-drive, 512 MB RAM, 60 GB HD, a sleeve, Logitech MX500 mouse and JBL Creature speakers in silver finish. I even pursued the guy into stuffing in a free mousepad. Yes I’m proud 😛

So where am I going with my foreign language topic?…
There are two things you come to know after calling order/tech-support-services. The first being “please-hold-music” by Enya, the second being “Did you say D for Derrick? Oh, T for Thomas – ok.” Today was such a day. After only 3 minutes of Enya, I got through, which was a nice thing, since I only missed a class by 10 minutes.

I expected a Scandinavian person to pick up the line, but instead I was greeted by a “Bonjour quest-ce….something.” And I am the kind of person who prepares for certain situations (in this case either Scandinavian, or English), and when something unexpected happens, I become speechless. With my French not being too refined, I just hold my breath. After a few minutes, the guy tries “Anyone there?” – can’t remember if he said it in English or French. Several minutes later (ok, so I’m overdoing this) I manage to open my mouth, and the first thing that pops out is “Eeeeeeeehhhhh… you speak English?” Fine enough, he does. So I start with my order, and several times he repeat what I’ve selected. Then, halfway through the order (after putting me on hold twice, cos’ he had no clue what he was doing), my order had changed from a 12″ to a 15″. Nice try Jacque!

So when I spell my name for the guy (which is not the first thing I do), he keeps misinterpreting the letters, what they always do. And he keeps asking “F for Fredric? T for Thomas?” – and I manage to blurp out “T for… train.” Isn’t that the most pathetic example you ever saw?

Twice I was put on hold, and twice he shouts out “JESUS!”, presumably because once the computer “froze up” and the second time because he were unable to find the section with carrying cases. Well, I suppose it ain’t easy being new at Apple. And I’m just happy my new friend is on his way, and scheduled for delivery in 2 weeks (meaning 3-4 weeks, but it should still be here in time for my fall holidays).

Until I get the PowerBook, I’ve two options when blogging. One is to use one of the four computers hooked up to the net, login to MT, write something, and post. Posts will be short, and I won’t have time to include links. Second is to write it on one of the 6 computers reserved for Media class, burn it on a CD, bring it to a net-comp, and post. The latter is what I’m doing now. Writing the post in Word even gives me a certain degree of spell checking. Oh and I’m all alone, and have all the time in the world, so that explains the length.

No images for you yet, but tomorrow I’m leaving for Oslo, where I’ll hopefully hook up with one of my to-this-day net-only mates – looking forward to seeing you Forcer 🙂 Oh, and I *will* be posting images from my cellphone. So, be sure to check out SnapClub Phone Edition. Link in post below. I’ll repost them here later, maybe.

I even caught Bad Boys 2 yesterday. It was just what a good action movie should be, so don’t mind the bad reviews. Decent story, lots of gunfights and some car-smashing.

Over and out from me, from now on Mr. Portable 😛


I’m heading back to school now. 3 weeks, and I’ll be back again for my fall holidays.

Next week my class will be in Oslo from Wednesday till Friday, expect some images then via SnapClub Phone Edition. You better just check that page really, I doubt I will blog about it. As for the integration of SnapClub in my site design, well, it turned out rather tricky.

Lastly, is now up. You might remember I registered the domain a little while ago, and now the page is up. Not that it would be of interest to most of you…


Not him, HIM!


Wheha, I updated the Track Of The Week.

This week, its “HIM” with “Join Me In Death”. Its rock. Its music. Its from Finland.

Download it now, and see if you like it. And as always, don’t spread the link – I’d hate to get shut down.


Long time no blog.

Well as you might have known if you read my blog, I am home for the weekend. Got my CommuniCam for my T68i yesterday, and it works great! With a fairly recent firmware you can even zoom and add effects! Only 3x zoom, and its digital of course. It sucks to say the least. As with any low-end digital camera, this one works best with proper lighting, although not in direct sunlight. I am fairly amazed, and if you want to see how the MCA-25 sticks up against the other choices on the market, check out the comparison chart here. Click the “Vis alle bilder” button to show sample images from all the cameras currently available. Right now, I must say it looks as if my camera provide the best images around. This will change though, with several companies already working on megapixel cameras for future models.

Off we go then… (click images for full-size version)

Indoor image, with light coming in from a window

Indoor, in a tad bit worse lighting condition

Outdoor, in what I would call “proper lighting”

This image appears slightly washed out. It might be the direct sunlight, or it might be the very white flagpole in the background. Auto white balance is turned on

Whether or not this is worth it, is up to you. I am very happy anyway. Not superb quality no, but I can send them as MMS or Email, straight from the phone, the moment I take them. That’s what I call convenience!


Time to show you all my new school, life, and umm… yeah. In Pictures!

Bought a couple hefty Sony CD-RWs yesterday, topping out at a whopping 650 MB and supporting 1x, 2x and 4x writing speed!! So much for living in a big city!!

So this is the big city. City center. Downtown.

This is… I dunno really… but its quite cool!

Oh and this is an interesting one! The new card game we have grown so famous for on my dormitory (no I dont have a spellchecker – this is Windows). Its name? “Sokk i Panna”. Dont ask.

So I hope you enjoyed this. Ill be back home this coming Friday night, and Ill enjoy it I am sure. Well, today at least I got my own personal key for the media class room – meaning Ill have full access to the computers, reserved only for the 13 of us in that class. No net, but Photoshop yeah baby!


Not much happening here, yet, quite a lot. If you know what I mean.

Yesterday a bunch of us (like 50) went to see Pirates of the Carribean on the cinema nearby. It was an ok movie, although nothing extraordinary if I have to say so.

Im currently tinkering with the plans of purchasing a 12″ PowerBook as soon as Apple release new models. It would look good in my room. But, then again it is a lot of money, so well have to see.

About one and a half week till I return home for a weekend, which will be nice. Ill pick up the camera for my T68i then, too. So look out for more images then, via SnapClub. Ill update the site to further integrate SnapClub that very weekend, so you will only have to check one place for all my latest 😉

Take care people, Ill be back 😛



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