Was in Oslo with my class last week, from Wednesday to Friday. Brief breakdown? Wednesday, I met up with Forcer, a guy whom I’ve previously only talked to online. This was my first IRL meeting with a net buddy, so it was a new experience. Luckily, it was great! I have talked to Forcer for … Read moreOslo

Leaving so soon?

I’m heading back to school now. 3 weeks, and I’ll be back again for my fall holidays. Next week my class will be in Oslo from Wednesday till Friday, expect some images then via SnapClub Phone Edition. You better just check that page really, I doubt I will blog about it. As for the integration … Read moreLeaving so soon?

Not him, HIM!

Wheha, I updated the Track Of The Week. This week, its “HIM” with “Join Me In Death”. Its rock. Its music. Its from Finland. Download it now, and see if you like it. And as always, don’t spread the link – I’d hate to get shut down.