Not much happening here, yet, quite a lot. If you know what I mean.

Yesterday a bunch of us (like 50) went to see Pirates of the Carribean on the cinema nearby. It was an ok movie, although nothing extraordinary if I have to say so.

Im currently tinkering with the plans of purchasing a 12″ PowerBook as soon as Apple release new models. It would look good in my room. But, then again it is a lot of money, so well have to see.

About one and a half week till I return home for a weekend, which will be nice. Ill pick up the camera for my T68i then, too. So look out for more images then, via SnapClub. Ill update the site to further integrate SnapClub that very weekend, so you will only have to check one place for all my latest 😉

Take care people, Ill be back 😛



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