Time to show you all my new school, life, and umm… yeah. In Pictures!

Bought a couple hefty Sony CD-RWs yesterday, topping out at a whopping 650 MB and supporting 1x, 2x and 4x writing speed!! So much for living in a big city!!

So this is the big city. City center. Downtown.

This is… I dunno really… but its quite cool!

Oh and this is an interesting one! The new card game we have grown so famous for on my dormitory (no I dont have a spellchecker – this is Windows). Its name? “Sokk i Panna”. Dont ask.

So I hope you enjoyed this. Ill be back home this coming Friday night, and Ill enjoy it I am sure. Well, today at least I got my own personal key for the media class room – meaning Ill have full access to the computers, reserved only for the 13 of us in that class. No net, but Photoshop yeah baby!



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