Long time no blog.

Well as you might have known if you read my blog, I am home for the weekend. Got my CommuniCam for my T68i yesterday, and it works great! With a fairly recent firmware you can even zoom and add effects! Only 3x zoom, and its digital of course. It sucks to say the least. As with any low-end digital camera, this one works best with proper lighting, although not in direct sunlight. I am fairly amazed, and if you want to see how the MCA-25 sticks up against the other choices on the market, check out the comparison chart here. Click the “Vis alle bilder” button to show sample images from all the cameras currently available. Right now, I must say it looks as if my camera provide the best images around. This will change though, with several companies already working on megapixel cameras for future models.

Off we go then… (click images for full-size version)

Indoor image, with light coming in from a window

Indoor, in a tad bit worse lighting condition

Outdoor, in what I would call “proper lighting”

This image appears slightly washed out. It might be the direct sunlight, or it might be the very white flagpole in the background. Auto white balance is turned on

Whether or not this is worth it, is up to you. I am very happy anyway. Not superb quality no, but I can send them as MMS or Email, straight from the phone, the moment I take them. That’s what I call convenience!


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  1. 1 Eivind

    Nice, altho this also convinced me that I won’t buy the camera..

    Looking forward to more pictures from you though 🙂


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