Was in Oslo with my class last week, from Wednesday to Friday. Brief breakdown?

Wednesday, I met up with Forcer, a guy whom I’ve previously only talked to online. This was my first IRL meeting with a net buddy, so it was a new experience. Luckily, it was great! I have talked to Forcer for several years now online, and hoping I knew him well, it turned out the way I was hoping. We just walked around, visiting every dang shopping centre in town (or so it seemed). The nice thing was it all felt like he was just as much a friend as my “regular” friends. Read more in Forcers weblog!

Thursday and Friday we visited: P4 (radio channel), Statens Filmtilsyn (people who decide what age limit to give on movies, and eventual censoring), and lastly TV2 (tv channel). At TV2, we got to get behind the scenes on a morning show, as well as watching the recording of two additional shows. The latter being “Senkveld med Thomas og Harald”, which ended late Friday night.

I tried updating the photoblog, but Explorer didn’t want to play with me. Regardless, check by my section at SnapClub for a few new images, and I’ll hand you the rest once I get home in a weeks time.

Following are a few images from “Senkveld”.

The large hall with doors to the different studios. We are now in Nydalen, Oslo.

The scene where Thomas and Harald would be doing their thing.

Lastly, a panorama of the girl serving free coke and beer prior to the show.



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