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I have nothing to say. Just nothing. How could it be?

Nevertheless, I was in a need to blog right now. Cos it’s been a while and all that. Too much happening in my life right now, although nothing I can talk about. And at the same time, nothing is happening. The PowerBook has arrived, and I’ll be picking it up in a weeks time. Also, I saw American Pie: The Wedding, yesterday. Fun, yes. Real fun. No really.


Just thought I’d post my current screenshot, plus a couple images of my setup.


Today was shopping day. And among all the little gems, this CD made its way home with me. It looked real great – and the best part was the price, only 10 NOK (about a buck)! Needless to say, I was very disappointed to find out it was merely a cheap rock band with a sick image. Oh, and it only had three tracks. What a bummer.

In the saga that is my PowerBook, it’s now in Norway. I *hope hope hope* to get it tomorrow. If not, I will get it Monday for sure. Only problem: Monday I won’t be here, and I’ll have to wait another 3 weeks to pick it up… let’s hope and pray…


Panther release… free updates for G5 users… yeah yeah – I’m not the only one to complain.

Been following the forums on MacNN today, and we get the usual people whining about not getting free updates, and the usual bunch of people whining about the whiners. However, to put it all in context, let me quote a boardmember:

“Person A goes to store on 10th Sept and buys a G5 costing 2500.

Person B goes to the same store and buys a Powerbook on 10th September costing 2500.

So, why does person A get a free copy of Panther when person B does not? I’m damned if I know.”

Oh well, even though I couldn’t agree more, I’m happy to get a free copy through ADC. Still nothing new on my PowerBook, except it left Luxembourg yesterday morning.




I briefly mentioned the Archos 340 in my Digital Photography expo post. However, Archos is a company I would like to comment a bit more on. Their most famous products are by far the portable video players. It started with the Jukebox, and now we have the even more feature-packed Video Recorder series. These gadgets are simply amazing! A little bigger than an iPod yes, but oh my what they can do! The website explains it all very well:

“The ARCHOS VIDEO AV340 is the first handheld personal entertainment center. It combines a modular MP4 video player and recorder, MP3 music player and recorder, digital camera and camcorder, digital photo wallet, and data storage in a compact device that fits in the palm of your hand.”

You can hook it right up to a TV or camcorder for recording – or viewing. And best of all: its Macintosh compatible! Just hook it up, and the drive will appear on your desktop, allowing you to copy files to it. It’s only equipped with a USB2-connection though, so unless you have a USB2-port – you will have to prepare for slow transfers.

The latest model, the AV340 costs $700 – so I would say you get pretty much value for money here! Oh, and it comes with a 40 GB disk.

While inspecting the AV340 at the expo, I also came across the ARCDisk – a real tiny USB2 hard drive. This thing has a 20 GB capacity, and wow is it small! It looks good too, especially with my “soon to come” PowerBook 😉 It’s $250 – which I find to be a bit on the pricey side for 20 GB…


Look mom, I’m on national TV!

This is from when I were in Oslo, and my class were lucky to attend the filming of Senkveld (mentioned earlier). Thanks go out to Forcer for recording it. Oh, and I’m the guy in top-right corner with the blue sweater.


Last Thursday, I went to a Digital Photography expo in Skien, Norway with a couple friends. It was nothing big, like maybe 8 boots, but it was free. Got to see a fine selection of cameras, scanners and printers. What amazed me the most, is that todays printers are actually capable of producing just as good prints as any photo bureau. Might consider getting a replacement for my Epson 750 some day. We also got to play a bit of Battlefield, the “Secret Weapons of WWII” expansion. Images below.

A computer where you could order prints, from a online store. Slots on front for CD, Zip and all major memory card types. Pretty slick.

The Archos Video Recorder. Now this looks really cool. If only Apple did it. I think this might be a taste of where the iPod is going next.

A friend playing Battlefield.

And of course, no Digital Photography without Apples. I even saw a display running OS9, but the actual box was hidden.


I guess I am not the first person to misinterpret lyrics. For instance, I was so sure the lyrics for “Phoenix – If I Ever Feel Better” said “They say an end can be a start”, and it turns out it’s “They say an ant can be a star”. Bummer.

Phoenix yeah, French pop makes a comeback – and I even made it “Track Of The Week” – so go download! Oh, and let me know what you think! I think its groovey 🙂



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