Last Thursday, I went to a Digital Photography expo in Skien, Norway with a couple friends. It was nothing big, like maybe 8 boots, but it was free. Got to see a fine selection of cameras, scanners and printers. What amazed me the most, is that todays printers are actually capable of producing just as good prints as any photo bureau. Might consider getting a replacement for my Epson 750 some day. We also got to play a bit of Battlefield, the “Secret Weapons of WWII” expansion. Images below.

A computer where you could order prints, from a online store. Slots on front for CD, Zip and all major memory card types. Pretty slick.

The Archos Video Recorder. Now this looks really cool. If only Apple did it. I think this might be a taste of where the iPod is going next.

A friend playing Battlefield.

And of course, no Digital Photography without Apples. I even saw a display running OS9, but the actual box was hidden.



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