I briefly mentioned the Archos 340 in my Digital Photography expo post. However, Archos is a company I would like to comment a bit more on. Their most famous products are by far the portable video players. It started with the Jukebox, and now we have the even more feature-packed Video Recorder series. These gadgets are simply amazing! A little bigger than an iPod yes, but oh my what they can do! The website explains it all very well:

“The ARCHOS VIDEO AV340 is the first handheld personal entertainment center. It combines a modular MP4 video player and recorder, MP3 music player and recorder, digital camera and camcorder, digital photo wallet, and data storage in a compact device that fits in the palm of your hand.”

You can hook it right up to a TV or camcorder for recording – or viewing. And best of all: its Macintosh compatible! Just hook it up, and the drive will appear on your desktop, allowing you to copy files to it. It’s only equipped with a USB2-connection though, so unless you have a USB2-port – you will have to prepare for slow transfers.

The latest model, the AV340 costs $700 – so I would say you get pretty much value for money here! Oh, and it comes with a 40 GB disk.

While inspecting the AV340 at the expo, I also came across the ARCDisk – a real tiny USB2 hard drive. This thing has a 20 GB capacity, and wow is it small! It looks good too, especially with my “soon to come” PowerBook 😉 It’s $250 – which I find to be a bit on the pricey side for 20 GB…


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  1. 1 Forcer

    I actually discussed this device with a friend of me some days ago..

    After looking at it, I came to the conclusion that it was a pure gadget and defo not for me. Yeah, it’s cool, but you can almost get an iBook for the same price.. I think it’s overpriced and not worth the money.


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