Panther release… free updates for G5 users… yeah yeah – I’m not the only one to complain.

Been following the forums on MacNN today, and we get the usual people whining about not getting free updates, and the usual bunch of people whining about the whiners. However, to put it all in context, let me quote a boardmember:

“Person A goes to store on 10th Sept and buys a G5 costing 2500.

Person B goes to the same store and buys a Powerbook on 10th September costing 2500.

So, why does person A get a free copy of Panther when person B does not? I’m damned if I know.”

Oh well, even though I couldn’t agree more, I’m happy to get a free copy through ADC. Still nothing new on my PowerBook, except it left Luxembourg yesterday morning.



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