I’m back at school, but… yes but, I’m posting this from my PowerBook. Today I hooked up to the net using both GSM and GPRS. I suppose GPRS does it for blogging, but GSM is quite expensive at roughly $1 / 5 minutes. We have a phone a bit down the hallway, and if I succeed in hooking up at 56k I might get a cable and a splitter and get wired.

Otherwise, not much is happening. I got some photo prints I ordered online a couple days ago, from my digital camera. Pretty good quality if I must say so myself. The first ten were free, so I just got ten, but I’m tempted to order more at some point.

No trouble with the Powerbook yet. Let’s just hope it cooperates with the Windows network here. I have yet to try that out. Hold on for yet more blogging and pictures IF I get the modem up and squeaking. Peace!


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  1. 1 Eivind

    Not if – when!

    And when(err.. if) not – just use GSM/GPRS, then? 🙂


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