Started writing this post yesterday, and now I’m starting from scratch.

Depending on a GPRS connection makes me somewhat less wired, and blogging isn’t as sporadic as it should be. It sure is great to have a Mac here, my PowerBook. Although not having a useable internet connection is frustrating at times. I tried gaining 56k access from my dormitory, but I had two problems: I weren’t able to establish a connection, and the terminal was located some 10 meters from my room, and had a phone attached to it.

For now I can do with GPRS though. It does it for blogging, although way too costly for iChat or uploading even small pictures for my blog entries. As I might have mentioned before, we have 4 WIndows-based computers here hooked up to a single ISDN line, which are at the students (all 125 of us) disposal. Today I got my “handy drive” – USB/memory-based 128 MB plug-and-play drive. It works a charm.

Our public computers are blocked from downloading files, however due to the stupidity of Windows, I can bypass it by simply using another browser. Now of course that is another problem, because the computers are also locked from installing software. So I put a pre-installed copy of Firebird on my handy-drive – and off we go! Grabbed a update today in fact. Less than 3 megabytes were done in just over 10 minutes. Phew! So it’s not the fastest thing you ever saw, but it works, and that’s what matters.

I also saw The Matrix: Revolutions just an hour ago, and boy did I like it. Contrary to “everyone else”, I enjoyed it. The story was “ended” and it had plenty of action. I can only recommend it. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s 1 o clock – I have to go socialize.



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