Some time ago I wrote a bit about Archos and their computer peripherals, noting the pretty good Mac support. I think I have a new recommendation: Apacer. Both my new handy-drive and a memory card reader I got at the same time, are from Apacer. They both work with the Mac without the need for any extra drivers, they look pretty good, and most important: they are cheap.

Apacer is pretty known, at least over here, so you should be able to easily get ahold of their stuff. The memory card reader supports 7 different cards, and I think it looks pretty good. The handy-drive could’ve looked better in silver, but oh well.

Talking on memory cards, there is one type I have yet to see support for in any multi-format reader: XD cards. I have seen these in Olympus cameras, but the only card readers for these type of cards have been XD-only readers. Is this some kind of cruel proprietary standard? Are there any others manufacturers who rely on XD cards?

Image above taken with my IXUS 400 (aka PowerShot S400) – speaking of which, I have seen 2 more of these so far on my school, which is nice. I’ve also seen a couple digital mirror reflex cameras. But other than this, all cameras I’ve seen are crap. I mean, what surprised me at first was that there appeared to be many more digital cameras than 35mm ones. But most people seem to have “your average 3 MP camera”. Sounds good enough, but NOT A SINGLE ONE can produce grain-free images under “above normal” lighting conditions. What’s the point in having a digital camera if the image quality can’t compare to even a disposable camera? I mean, like none of these people put the images on the web or anything like that. If that was the purpose, sure enough a crappy digicam would do.

Hmm, also my Logitech MX500 seems to “go wild” at times. Can it be my colorful mousepad with Tweety on it? I though optical mice got better at textured background the newer it was – but I know my old Logitech wasn’t like this…

Keep checking back here, for this blog is here to stay. More on this tomorrow 🙂


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  1. 1 Tom

    “my Logitech MX500 seems to “go wild” at times. Can it be my colorful mousepad with Tweety on it?”

    Always remember to check that your mouse is compatible with your mouse-pad! For example, if you have a mouse-pad with a picture of a cat on it, of course your mouse will go crazy? Tweety should be fine, though. I can confirm it works perfectly with Mickey Mouse.


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