This is gonna turn out as a collection of thoughts and rants. Hope you don’t mind.

First off, more on my current internet connection, the mobile one. I have done some calculations, and here are the current results: using GSM I pay for the time connected, and that equals to about 10 minutes for $1. Using GPRS, I pay only for what I download. One MB is about $1. When talking on iChat I can chat for an hour for about $1-2, depending on the number of people and activity. Pretty cool! That is, for the first 0.5 MB I download every month, I pay almost $7, but once I’m above that, the price is down to $1 per MB. That taken into account, I will keep using images in my blog, but only small ones, like the one shown above, and in the last post.

When leaving home a week ago, I thought 2 USB ports would do just fine, but I now realize I have 5 devices. I’m gonna have to bring my HUB up, although it’s only USB 1. I might get a USB 2 HUB instead. Oh, and the EyeTV has trouble getting enough power from my PowerBooks “HUB” – even when it’s plugged in. Crap.

Slava posts some interesting bits on Panther (personal opinions), and I am happy to report that my copy arrived today, and is already installed. I’m waiting for 10.3.1 to cure the common problems that I have yet to discover 🙂 Let’s hope the updates are available as stand-alone files – would hate getting them through GPRS 😀 Windows File Sharing also works now, which it didn’t under 10.2.8. Namely, I could turn ON Windows File Sharing. Ticking the box in the sharing pane, would simply uncheck itself after a second. Finding the Windows machines the other way around has been flawless however.

Slava also mentions speed increase overall, and in specific applications. Namely Mail, Preview, and System Profiler. The latter which he says to be useless in Jaguar. I don’t know about you, but if there is one application in OSX that has never been zippy enough, it has to be the HelpViewer. And Sherlock, which nobody use anyway, but still. HelpViewer seems faster in Panther, I think.

I’ll give you more opinions on Panther tomorrow, along with some rants about my Powerbook hardware and a software recommendation 🙂


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  1. 1 Eivind

    That is one very nice (and tidy!) setup 🙂

    Glad that you’ve started blogging again !


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