A new day, a new blog entry.

First off, exciting news! Today is the one day a year that time and date will match 100% – what I mean is, we have the 11 of November, and for a moment of bliss, the time is 11.11.11 – whoa, talking bout cool stuff! Just wanted to let you know, there is no other day where all numbers will match 🙂

I promised you a software recommendation today, and I will keep my promise. DVDs. Most of us have one or more, and that also applies to the students here. I borrow one, and I return it. What I want is to rip it while I have it. So there are about two useable solutions on the Mac. One is iRipDVD, the other is HandBrake. I have used iRipDVD for some time, and been in touch with the author regarding compatibility. The problem with it being it’s based on mencoder, and as such, many DVDs will not be recognized. HandBrake gives you the choice of two codecs (compressors), ffmpeg and xvid. Yesterday I tried ripping a movie using the first one, but it resulted in a file half the size I expected it to be, not recognized at all by QuickTime and problems playing even in VLC / MPlayer. So today I try xvid. It seems to take about twice the time to rip (9 hours compared to 5), but hopefully it will work, and with both compressors recognizing a disk iRipDVD didn’t.

Panther. I have used it for a day now, and I am happy to report I like it overall. Some bugs, but they might be fixed in 10.3.1 (which I haven’t installed yet since I’m ripping this DVD) – or maybe in a future update. One annoyance (might not be a bug) is that previously, if I were in an application, and the desktop was visible behind it, I could drag an icon from the Finder into this application without being switched to the Finder. This still works, but not with the large “details and icon” that appear if you select a file in column view. This used to work in Jaguar. Next out is the one major bug I have found. DOS-formatted disks crashes the Finder if you try to copy files to them. I have only tried this with my USB2-based handydrive, but the only thing I can do is copy files from it, not to it. This worked fine in Jaguar, but not in Panther. Formatting it as a HFS volume solves the problem, but that doesn’t help me much, moving files between my Mac and a PC. Also, moving files between the handydrive and the Mac is painfully slow – when it’s DOS-formatted. Formatting it as a Mac OS disk gives full speed however. Weird.

Oh, and my combodrive is fast! Reads and writes CDs at 24x, rewrites CDs at 10x and reads DVDs at 8x. Just thought I’d let you know 🙂

Now I hope to spend some of the coming days figuring out if any of my software needs to be rewritten/recompiled for Panther. Maybe starting on some new stuff too, who knows 😀



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