Finding Neo


Borrowed Matrix Reloaded today, and tonight will be ripping-night 🙂 I’ve seen it a few times, and I even saw it only a week ago, but it’s a good movie!

This week’s issue of Donald Duck features the entire Finding Nemo as an extra, and even a Nemo keyring! It’s real cute and his eyes pop out when you squeeze it! How’s that? Although after watching numerous animated movies recently, like Lilo and Stitch – I stand by my opinion that Monsters Inc. is the hands-down best animated movie. Yep, tomorrow I’m gonna borrow that one too, maybe 🙂

Not much happening really. This week we’ve been working on a musical called “Gjenforeningen” that we’ll be touring with next week. Busy times, and not much happening in the Mac world either. Oh well.


One Response to “Finding Neo”  

  1. 1 Eivind

    I have to say that I like Finding Nemo better than Monsters Inc.. well I laughed more of it, anyway. Quality-wise, Monsters Inc was better in a way..

    And Matrix Reloaded was way better than Revolutions. Revolutions just sucked. Too bad Reloaded wasn’t that good either.


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