I’ve mentioned Steven before, and with all due respect, I’ll do it again. Seeing how his blogging is that more exciting than your average blogger – I reckon he’s got to be one heck of a cool guy irl. But, the cool thing is, that as if running Panic wasn’t enough, he also runs several awesome websites!

I’m nothing but a poor student, but my current hosting plan is $150/year. I decided it was time to do something about it. So, as some of my closer friends might already know, I’m in the process of preparing a new website at the moment. But wait, there’s more! I have so many ideas right now, that I feel confident are good ideas, that I would want to just launch. But, school is taking much much time right now, attending a boarding school does exactly that. So, right now, I will focus on launching this one site, and if it turns out ok, I might work on other projects at a later point. My current Google Ad-Sence program has turned up a mere $6, and I need $100 to get paid. Oh well, one can always hope…

In order to get this new top-secret (nazi) project out, I’m gonna need all the help my friends will offer me. So, to you: Thanks! 🙂

As for the Panther compatibility: we will update our software as necessary, however it won’t be yet…


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  1. 1 Eivind

    $150/year sounded fairly harsh until I realized that I pay $120 myself 🙂
    (Then again, that’s a really good deal, and I can afford it without ad money)

    Can’t wait until the website goes live 🙂 Hope you have some time to work with it now that you at least have a machine to work on.


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