Bluetooth Blues


Ever lost your cellphone?
Well, a girl in my dormitory did so yesterday. Not like she REALLY lost it, but she couldn’t find it. She knew pretty much for sure that it hadn’t left the building though. FIrst thought was: someone took it, and put it somewhere hard to find, just for fun. That wasn’t the case though, as we found it today, in the laundry room, under a stack of clothes. Well, when trying to find it, we did call it up, several times, wandering about in every room, even the toilet, trying to hear its quacking. Nothing, it was put on vibration only. Seeing as how it was covered in soft clothes, it’s no wonder we didn’t hear the vibration. Well, while searching though, I got an idea. An idea that wouldn’t have helped us this time, since it would require Bluetooth (this was a SonyEricsson T200).

My idea:
A piece of software on the Mac, constantly searching for available Bluetooth devices. When one was found, it would show the approx. distance from the Mac, and as we moved in on it, the distance would increase. A graphical tracking device sort of. Would this be possible? I know Salling Clickers “action when leaving Mac” has an option to set “sensitivity” – but this might not be related. Nevertheless, I thought it was a cool idea. More of a toy really, but could’ve been useful in a similar situation.

Oh, and am I the only one who has seen a major increase in email spam the last few days??


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  1. 1 Eivind

    I’m not sure if that would work, but then again I have no idea how bluetooth works technically..

    As for spam: Normal amount here, really..


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