Like Chili


Back from another trip to Oslo with my class.

Met up with Forcer this time too, and while that was nice, it was a pity it only lasted for a couple hours. Oh well, another time maybe 🙂

Got some Mountain Dew from an import store. Yum, me like.

Got some DVDs that ain’t worth mentioning here, but more of interest is a CD I got: Red Hot Chili Pepper – Greatest Hits. While browsing the CDs, the first thing I saw was the new album from Britney. Cool, I thought. Until I saw a “Copy Protection”-label in the bottom-right corner. So I picked up the RHCP disc instead. Coming back home, and tearing off the price label – what did I find? Below the pricetag, a “Copy Protection”-label! Oh-No!

I remember Robbie Williams last album wouldn’t play on my flat-screen iMac, however my older tray-loading iMac played and ripped it without problems. So I though the same would be the case here. But, low and behold, my PowerBook plays and rips the RHCP CD with NO PROBLEMS AT ALL! Ah, pure AAC goodness – thank you Apple! Since a mate bought the Britney CD, I’ll rip that one too hehe.

Had I seen the “Copy Protection”-label, I probably wouldn’t have bought the CD, but now I’m glad I did. And I might even buy music in the future too, unless I see a new and improved protection scheme is put to use. Can’t wait for the iTunes Music Store to make it’s way to Europe.


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  1. 1 Eivind

    I hope you liked the music as well 🙂

    And yeah.. a bit longer next time sounds like a good idea.. hehe


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