Blasting your way to Christmas

Apple included a game with the XCode developer tools – can you believe that? And it’s not just any game (no it isn’t Halo), its BlastApp!! An old classic from the NeXt-days (ok, so I only read that in the about-box). You should try it out, it truly sucks.

New Desktop!

First things first: all my Macs (and some friends) are covered with the most amazing Christmas desktop to hit the screens this holiday: mine. It’s just some hair, and some red color, but oh my it looks so good! So if you haven’t already, go download by clicking the preview below! Now on to the … Read moreNew Desktop!


Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is drawing closer, and in a weeks time, I’ll be home for the holidays. There is a lot to take care of, like installing Panther on the iMac. I will also try and push a few updates for my software, to enhance for Panther. And hopefully I’ll get some time to … Read morexMas