Well, not really, but todays topic is: girls and computers.

I’ve always felt/knew that my PowerBook setup was awesome – both visually and performance wise, but for many of the people who drop by my room, it is their first experience with a Mac. Boys will start out by asking about the specs, and when told it has “only a GHz”, they soon lose interest. Fine with me, really, so I can keep it to myself 🙂

Girls, however, go crazy! No questions about RAM or drive size here, just pure excitement!

One girl who had a look yesterday called it a “sinnsykt deilig maskin” – roughly translated, a terribly beautiful machine. Couldn’t agree more. It’s sexy, it has a smooth keyboard, a lit-up Apple at the back, and this whole aluminum feeling. It’s small and thin. Not to mention the JBL Creature speakers, looking rather small (at least if the amp/sub is hidden, which I’m thinking of doing right now), but with a huge sound. And the green LEDs lighting up below them. Aww.

My conclusion: girls are born Apple fans. They are the people who care more about esthete than horse power. Kinda like myself. But of course, to me, my Mac is also a tool, and not just furnishing.


2 Responses to “I Feel Like A Woman”  

  1. 1 Eivind

    Perhaps Apple should launch a compaign targetet at girls/woman? 🙂

    Would’ve been fun

  2. 2 xGrape

    Eivind, I think they already are. Ie. I think they have been unisex all the time when it comes to advertisement.

    By not using complicated tech-talk, they are not only targeting first-time users and grandparents, but also the female computer users.

    As late as yesterday, when watching TV, during the Nokia N-Gage ad, a girl commented “this is the typical crap that only boys care about”. It was obvious she hated it, and didn’t feel like getting that phone at all (now why would she, she already switched from Nokia to SonyEricsson 😉 ).


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