I said I was working on a new design for the site, and right now I wanna know if I should use this version without borders or this version with borders. Give your opinion by commenting this post. All feedback is appreciated. Thanks.


Things I’ve done in the past few days: watched Taxi 3, upgraded from Kung-Log to ecto for blogging, had my application regarding postponement of my army service approved, watched Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, waited for my iLife’04 box, compressed movies with iMovie/QT Pro/Compressor, bugged off roommates by moving the JBL Creature subwoofer from … Read moreWoozuup?

Rejoice. Releases.

And so it turned out there never was a problem with my server, but merely SOMEONE forgetting their username/password. Anyway, FjortisViewer 1.2.1 and Oni Savegame Editor 1.6.2 are both out today. Both are minor updates, addressing bugs and cosmetic fixes for Panther. They are still highly recommended for all users. So, grab them while they’re … Read moreRejoice. Releases.