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You might notice this site looks kinda… different. Yes, the new design is in the process of being implemented. It is quite rough around the edges right now, I need to re-design all templates (only main blog page is updated), add sub-pages and code the different items in the sidebar. The reason for putting it up in its current state was to make things easier for me – being able to update templates like that, without having to put up dozens of temp-files. I hope to have it all cleaned up before I leave for school again this coming Sunday. Hope you like it 🙂


So I spent the last 2 days working for local TV station TVSør.

Yesterday I joined a guy and helped shooting some footage for a news story. As seen in the screenshot, my name made it on TV. I also watched as he put it all together in Avid on a PM9600/300 running OS 8.1. That was about the only Mac I saw at the studio – plus an old StyleWriter stuffed away on a shelf.

Today I caught a glimpse of a guy putting together a report the old-fashioned way with analogue editing. I also drove out on my first solo mission: filming people using the lighted ski trail (not lighted during day time I might add). I also talked to the driver of one of them vehicles making the ski tracks in the snow. It wasn’t like an interview though, only the video will (might) be shown on TV. Oh, but I got to ride with his vehicle though – which was an interesting experience.




I said I was working on a new design for the site, and right now I wanna know if I should use this version without borders or this version with borders. Give your opinion by commenting this post. All feedback is appreciated. Thanks.




Things I’ve done in the past few days: watched Taxi 3, upgraded from Kung-Log to ecto for blogging, had my application regarding postponement of my army service approved, watched Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, waited for my iLife’04 box, compressed movies with iMovie/QT Pro/Compressor, bugged off roommates by moving the JBL Creature subwoofer from my desk and down on the floor, watched House on Haunted Hill (not really recommended), installed Firebird on every Wintel box I could find on campus.

Things I hope to do in the near future: receive my iLife’04 box, watch S.W.A.T., give this site a real overhaul, start thinking about what to apply for as regards studies in the upcoming year.

Starting Friday, I’ll be home for roughly a week, working for a local tv station Monday to Friday. Hopefully I’ll also get some time to update sites and all the usual garbage… I’ll also have some new pics for y’all!


And so it turned out there never was a problem with my server, but merely SOMEONE forgetting their username/password. Anyway, FjortisViewer 1.2.1 and Oni Savegame Editor 1.6.2 are both out today. Both are minor updates, addressing bugs and cosmetic fixes for Panther. They are still highly recommended for all users. So, grab them while they’re hot!

FjortisViewer and Oni Savegame Editor

And to celebrate, I’m bringing you an old map I found while preparing the new versions. We planned support for the Keyspan Media Remote in FjortisViewer 1.2, but seeing a lack of an SDK for the remote control – we had to drop the plans. Still, this keymap is a piece of art on its own 🙂


Happy New Year


Title says it all. Had a great time yesterday, and I hope you had too! Played some Halo, watched T3 and fired off some fireworks. A regular new years eve basically. Today was gonna be the big day, with updates to both FjortisViewer and Oni Savegame Editor – but no. My server crapped out, and now I can’t login. We’ll see, but both updates are ready to go, so as soon as we’re online again – you’ll get them. Here’s to the blog staying around for another year!



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