So I spent the last 2 days working for local TV station TVSør.

Yesterday I joined a guy and helped shooting some footage for a news story. As seen in the screenshot, my name made it on TV. I also watched as he put it all together in Avid on a PM9600/300 running OS 8.1. That was about the only Mac I saw at the studio – plus an old StyleWriter stuffed away on a shelf.

Today I caught a glimpse of a guy putting together a report the old-fashioned way with analogue editing. I also drove out on my first solo mission: filming people using the lighted ski trail (not lighted during day time I might add). I also talked to the driver of one of them vehicles making the ski tracks in the snow. It wasn’t like an interview though, only the video will (might) be shown on TV. Oh, but I got to ride with his vehicle though – which was an interesting experience.



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